Internet Governance Models Put to a Test

by PabloH


On the topic of Internet Governance, there are not yet finalized agreements or stable solutions in the international arena. Less so there is a cumulus of enough research tools to produce objective evaluations on this matter. There are different fronts –on the inter-governmental arena, at the private sector, within civil society groups, inside technical communities and, most importantly, inside new multi-stakeholder organizations– where discussions take place about how to solve different problems –usually coordination problems– related to the operation and evolution of the Internet. Authors of this document have been active participants at the international discussions about Internet governance, in different fora that include ICANN, WSIS, IGF, OECD, APEC and others. From their empirical experience they propose five questions and discuss preliminary answers, as food for thought for further academic research.


I gave a presentation about this paper at the ACORN-REDECOM conference at CIDE, my alma-mater: